Sunday, 14 August 2011

Rise of the Planet Of The Apes 2011 review

Hello Homosapiens..... I'm so happy to review this film.  

An original story set in present day San Francisco, where man's own experiments with genetic engineering lead to the development of intelligence in apes and the onset of a war for supremacy (dare I say bVw?)

The Original Planet of the Apes Films (1968, 1971 and them two and the series I have only watch)(Planet of the apes and Escape from the planet of Apes) were sheer brilliance. They captivated the true essence (in what we could assume) would happen if ever did Apes become the dominant species, that did not evolve into the walking hairless Homosapien)
I'm so glad that 'Rise of the Planet of Apes has kept some what true the original films. From simple symbols to names and social status everything is how it was meant to be. Beware of any spoilers as I'm going to wing this one and write from pure memory and excitement. From start to end I felt as if that the story of the original films had left out an outstanding part of the story on purpose, now I know this probably has no truth to it, but if Starwars can go forwards to the beginning, why can't any other film series. So this being a prequel to the ordeal humans go through later on was gob smacking. 

For the special effects alone, one should go and watch this film, captured from the begin the emotions and tone of the film kept me wanting to get to know more and understand yet more of the old films and still be attached to the new segment to the series (Lets forget the reboot with Mark Wahlberg- Sexy but not that much of a great actor, please just pose in your undies and leave it at that hunnie). 
Caesar being the single child of Bright-eyes (His mother) who was genetically tested on, as a means to create cells that rejuvenate the brain, only to see that they made apes smarter and in turn, Caesar's case be born with the ever growing intelligence, more so than man's. 
Caesar grows up to be a loyal Chimp, and even begins to question Will Rodman (James Franco) if he is just an experimental pet to him and his family (brought on by  an encounter with a dog barking at him on a lead). Caesar longs for more than just being held at home in the Attic, he long to be outside, on skateboards, in the trees of the near by forest, he longs to be himself. I felt drawn him and his longing for something, fresh and new (maybe because I too have been longing for that new thing in life. And now have it whoop, Yay me). Caesar comes to the rescue of his father-like father's father (His grandfather in theory then I suppose). Caesar is sent by the courts to an ape centre where we meet Draco Malfoy, oops I mean Tom Felton (his name isn't very important he dies (thank fuck, I was waiting for that in Harry Potter, it just never came to past). I fear poor young Felton will be type cast. Caesar is not tried and test, badly, even by the other apes no surprise. 

Caesar takes charge and I grow to love him more. I have just realized I could spoil the film entirely if I go on... Lets say in the Originals films we hate what the Apes have become, but in fact Rise of the Planet of the Apes makes us hate what we have become as a superiour being on the planet (and should anything go like the film), you feel more for Caesar's freedom than you probably think you would, from seeing the first lot of films (assuming you have seen them if not go buy them now) Caesar in some weird way (I'm not a freak am ) is really attractive for a CGI Ape. Two Hand covering moments await you all. 
"Caesar is home."
I will go and see this film again and encourage you all to go out and watch it also. yes it has it's minor downsides, but to name them would have you looking for them and possibly might distract you from what a brilliant film Rupert Wyatt and Pierre Boulle have pulled off. Yes, i said brilliant because, as a child i grew up with Planet of the apes and Alien Nation, not Avatar (Which is great but seems to me a tad bit White supremacist MY OPINION) maybe that's just my warped way of thinking over the years.
I would definitely give this 10 stars with a Marbie Wow face. It's what i wanted and expected from a prequel.


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  1. This is the first mainstream film in a long time I've felt like going to see.