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For Colored Girls 2010 review

What I Know: Each of the women  portray one of the characters represented in collection of poems, and was also an On stage act too. Revealing different walks of life that not only Black women go through in life but I guess all women in life as. 

After watching, I couldn't help but feel that much more emotion towards women as a whole and then those being Black. The different intertwining stories that be, to me, had an impact on my out look of coloured women. A rising star, falling pregnant and having an over baring, God worshipping mother and to add a sister who doesn't much like her. The sister who struggles with intimacy, sleeping around like ol' willy-nilly, the battered wife of a ex-military, drunken boy-friend, the social worker you longs for a child, the Building manager who sees everything that goes on (The on looker), the high achieving woman with an awkward struggle with her husband and the woman trying to be the best dance teacher she can be to young ladies in the neighbourhood. 
Why I felt so emotional watching this, well to say the stories of each hit home to me in every way. Knowing that woman, sleeping around with every Tom, Dick, and Rashawn, not knowing where the turntable is going to stop playing her lustful, heart-broken dove song, I know that woman striving to be somebody (and homosapiens we all are a "somebody) and fighting the pain of what a trusted man took advantage of. And all the others.
Although this is a rendered from a play and book of poems I have read that this is the east favorites for some critics, but I think you have to walk in, sit down with an open mind (Like Harry potter films, cause that too is a book duh!!!!!) and see the best in what it is, not summarize it to the best of the best, not every rendition can be the same and I think Mr Tyler Perry did a good job of making such a largely appreciated play/poem collection be transferred to the screen of mine over here in the UK. It is a a film to see but not a must see for everyone. Did you like 'Precious' or even 'The Color Purple'? Well if the answer is yes I have a slight feeling you will like this. 
I give this 7 stars out of 10. 


Sunday, 14 August 2011

Rise of the Planet Of The Apes 2011 review

Hello Homosapiens..... I'm so happy to review this film.  

An original story set in present day San Francisco, where man's own experiments with genetic engineering lead to the development of intelligence in apes and the onset of a war for supremacy (dare I say bVw?)

The Original Planet of the Apes Films (1968, 1971 and them two and the series I have only watch)(Planet of the apes and Escape from the planet of Apes) were sheer brilliance. They captivated the true essence (in what we could assume) would happen if ever did Apes become the dominant species, that did not evolve into the walking hairless Homosapien)
I'm so glad that 'Rise of the Planet of Apes has kept some what true the original films. From simple symbols to names and social status everything is how it was meant to be. Beware of any spoilers as I'm going to wing this one and write from pure memory and excitement. From start to end I felt as if that the story of the original films had left out an outstanding part of the story on purpose, now I know this probably has no truth to it, but if Starwars can go forwards to the beginning, why can't any other film series. So this being a prequel to the ordeal humans go through later on was gob smacking. 

For the special effects alone, one should go and watch this film, captured from the begin the emotions and tone of the film kept me wanting to get to know more and understand yet more of the old films and still be attached to the new segment to the series (Lets forget the reboot with Mark Wahlberg- Sexy but not that much of a great actor, please just pose in your undies and leave it at that hunnie). 
Caesar being the single child of Bright-eyes (His mother) who was genetically tested on, as a means to create cells that rejuvenate the brain, only to see that they made apes smarter and in turn, Caesar's case be born with the ever growing intelligence, more so than man's. 
Caesar grows up to be a loyal Chimp, and even begins to question Will Rodman (James Franco) if he is just an experimental pet to him and his family (brought on by  an encounter with a dog barking at him on a lead). Caesar longs for more than just being held at home in the Attic, he long to be outside, on skateboards, in the trees of the near by forest, he longs to be himself. I felt drawn him and his longing for something, fresh and new (maybe because I too have been longing for that new thing in life. And now have it whoop, Yay me). Caesar comes to the rescue of his father-like father's father (His grandfather in theory then I suppose). Caesar is sent by the courts to an ape centre where we meet Draco Malfoy, oops I mean Tom Felton (his name isn't very important he dies (thank fuck, I was waiting for that in Harry Potter, it just never came to past). I fear poor young Felton will be type cast. Caesar is not tried and test, badly, even by the other apes no surprise. 

Caesar takes charge and I grow to love him more. I have just realized I could spoil the film entirely if I go on... Lets say in the Originals films we hate what the Apes have become, but in fact Rise of the Planet of the Apes makes us hate what we have become as a superiour being on the planet (and should anything go like the film), you feel more for Caesar's freedom than you probably think you would, from seeing the first lot of films (assuming you have seen them if not go buy them now) Caesar in some weird way (I'm not a freak am ) is really attractive for a CGI Ape. Two Hand covering moments await you all. 
"Caesar is home."
I will go and see this film again and encourage you all to go out and watch it also. yes it has it's minor downsides, but to name them would have you looking for them and possibly might distract you from what a brilliant film Rupert Wyatt and Pierre Boulle have pulled off. Yes, i said brilliant because, as a child i grew up with Planet of the apes and Alien Nation, not Avatar (Which is great but seems to me a tad bit White supremacist MY OPINION) maybe that's just my warped way of thinking over the years.
I would definitely give this 10 stars with a Marbie Wow face. It's what i wanted and expected from a prequel.


Cowboys and Aliens 2011 review

In a time where I will never know what it must be like to live in New Mexico Territory. A stranger (Sexy ass Daniel Craig) with no memory of his past stumbles into the hard desert town of Absolution. What he discovers the controller of the environment, Colonel Dolarhyde (Also Sexy Harrison Ford). It's a town that lives in fear. The Reject Craig only to be attacked by unworldly forces, he is now they're only hope (saw it coming). As this gunslinger (but not tobacco chewing) slowly starts to remember who he is and where he's been, he realizes he holds a secret that could give the town a fighting chance against the alien force.

Now might be some spoilers in this but trust me that not going to matter in the slightest what is is that you maybe wanting your money back (for the ticket and travel). Firstly the I was left bored from the jump of, the first 25 minutes did nothing for me and although you saw loads of Mr Craig, I didn't fell as though his character was going to develop beyond this. And it didn't. Once I found out that the Aliens where on Earth to gather gold, I was left to make up my own reason as to why they wanted the gold (Not really explained apart from it being said it was valuable to aliens as to humans), No back story on why they were experimenting on humans no nothing. I'm not too sure why I'm writing this as I really don't have much to say that this film truly was a steaming pile of bullshit, that now makes me wonder if Daniel Craig can actually play another character other than James Bond and be good at it out side of his comfort zone. And as for Harrison ford from respecting him as a young Marbie (I'm still young Homosapiens don't get that twisted) watching him as Indiana Jones, to watch him acting as if he is doing improv at a theatre session. Sorry the two big names that were suppose to make this film didn't even make it worth me watching (and I barely did that).

Cowboys and Aliens is what we wanted (No, not really), and that's exactly what we got. Underdeveloped cowboy and Indian characters and an AI, I mean Alien squad that were as smart as any Hill Billy with an up-side down, wordless, picture book. If this is all Hollywood has to offer after the Big BLOCKBUSTER, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2, then this summer I feel sorry for them (Glee 3D? come on now). This film could I admit been a tad bit better with the whole genre-blending they attempted to do, but plastering Big names to a film with no real thought out plot and lack there of character development does not mean your gonna get shit. 

I give this film: A fifth of a star, out of Ten. Save they money to buy some drinks or go see another film, Homosapiens trust me on this one.

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2011 up and downs

Hello Homosapiens...... Cowboys and Aliens, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows prt 2, Tia and Tamera, Thundercats 2011 reboot, Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes and more to come........ Keep your all seeing eyes on this page or log back on in a few hours (When I wake up).


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The Sarah Michelle Gellar Chronicles

The Sarah Michelle Gellar Chronicles

Hi there Homosapiens been a while, but hey you need to check out my other blog to find out what has been keeping me from you all (Just ask if you can't find it by yourself (Marbie smile) So here I look at some of my DVD collection from Ms Sarah Michelle Gellar.  So here are a few films and my thoughts obviously on them and I can only ask, but why not follow me. That way i know if you enjoy this Movie blog of mine, I know some of you enjoy my Mind on my other blog and thank you so much. So here goes the first film...................

I know what you did last summer 1997:

The Plot:
Four teen are in grave danger a year after their car hits a stranger in the middle of the night whose body they decide to dump in the sea.

Sarah's role in this one was some what disappointing, only because she didn't get the lead role. She obviously likes playing haunted, horror like film roles which is no surprise since she did make it big from the start of her “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” hit show in 1996 (I was like who is this sexy she-beast). The film it's self is not one of the most original and in saying that it seemed to be a competition film with the starting of the Scream franchise. Yes Horror teen films in the nighties were a hit with everyone aged 12 and up (I was a bad Marbie watching these before my time I know) The film has with me become a cult classic in my house hold, one of those DVDs you just don't lend out unless you don't want to see it again (You know who you are, you DVD fiends) leading us to our next SMG film

Scream 2 1997:

The Plot:
Two years after the bloody events of the first film, a new set of psychopaths don the "Ghost face" costume and a new string of murders begin.

Now as we witnessed in the first film this second instalment see the lovely Jada Pinket smith die at the beginning as a crowd of movie seers laugh and banter thinking its all just as joke, while watching the Ironically named film “Stab” (film in film, based upon the event of the first Scream film) Sarah's role again is small but is larger than what you would expect, or until the story unravels itself (If you haven't seen he Scream films I'll try not to give to much away. Cici = Casey (Sarah) is also a student in Randy's film class and becomes involved in a discussion about sequels. Later that same night whilst watching films and talking on the phone to her friend, she gets the dreaded call from “The Voice”, now only the dead and some of the stars know what the voice sounds like, so it's no surprise Cici just thinks it's her drunken jock boy-friend. Well again Sarah dies, but a good death (If any can be good). I laughed just before the end f the scene and you see one of the film crew's hands pop up to catch her as she is thrown over the balcony.... (Will find this on youtube I hope). Why does Cici die in this film? Is is her link to Sydney (Neve Cambell, the Star)

Cruel Intentions 1999:

The Plot:
School girl Kathryn (Sarah) makes a bet that her step-brother, Sebastian (Ryan Phillipe), won't be able to bed Annette (a virgin, who wants to wait until love played by the once real life wife Reese Weatherspoon). If he loses, Kathryn gets his Jaguar, if he wins, he gets Kathryn. Geller's roll made me see her in a new dirty good way.
Watching this film set of my most mischievous ways from the jump off. I'm that type of movie watcher that tends to take everything in and where there be a minor fault in the plot, I in turn change that flaw in my own life and set out to wreak havoc (Professional only need apply). Theres something about scheming I like and the films tone is perfect and pulled off so well that it is hard to believe that upper class folk don't act the way they have been portrayed in the film. From horse back riding and shoot clay discs, sounds fun to me especially with all the money behind them. The end is as much as a shock as everything else that goes on in the story (and many a times have I had to cross my legs to prevent blood flow in particular parts of my anatomy, sexy scene are steamy). Less I forget, the film also co-stars one of my favourite female actresses other than Sarah, Ms Selma Blair, who pulls of a great ignorant naive roll.

Scooby Doo 2002:
The Plot:
After an acrimonious break up, the Mystery Inc. gang are individually brought to an island resort to investigate strange goings on and settle their differences.
Such light hearted comedy for the kids, who would have thought Sarah had it in her, from looking at the previous talked about films. She plays the obvious role of Daphne and plays it well. I'm not sure what it is about Sarah, but she really does play those girlyScooby and the Gang (Funny that the Gang in Buffy are also self nicknamed “The Scooby gang”) Her performance was good to watch after accepting the fact she is a different character and as a fan if I'm going to truly accept her craft I have to see her in different roles (Although all the gang apart from Scooby, Shaggy and Velma, only leaving Fred and Daphne (Marbie smile), act very oddly compare to the old T.V cartoon show I was used to watching)(I didn't like the writers choose of character change). I have this film and damn right am proud to say I own it (Plus it shuts any fucking kid up for at least an hour whenI got house work to do).

Buffy The Vampire Slayer 1996-2003:
The plot:
After the traumatizing ordeal in the movie with the same name, Buffy Summers and her mother move to Sunnydale, only to discover that L.A. was just a walk in the pebbled walk in the park. Teenage Buffy now faces more evil in her life than she had ever imagined through out the series seeing her grow and become much wiser throughout the series. And into a beautiful Woman she becomes. Challenges and death are in Buffy's path to overcoming evil.
Now what can I say..... Any Homosapien that knows me would expect me to go on and on about this series (Although not a film, but it had to be added and it's my blog not yours) But to be serious I don't think I can say anything that amounts to the sheer pure greatness that Joss Whedon and the Cast of Buffy created. I can say that the series helped me through many struggles in my life. The show was not just about a girl, with strength, that tackles the supernatural (And sometime natural) evil of the world, it too concentrates on the facts o f life, growing up, school, sex, drugs and so on. Too many people don't understand why I loved and still watch the series back 2 back even now (Watching series 5 right now). It reflected me and I'm sure it will reflect any Homosapien from any background. “The hardest thing in life is to live”. (Get the series now and join the Scooby Gang).


TMNT 2007:
The Plot:
The continued adventures of the four teenage mutated turtles gifted in the art of the ninja (Gifted? Nah Trained), as they attempt to stop a mysterious evil that threatens to end the world. CGI animated film.
One of many Voice acting jobs Sarah has embarked on, as April O'Neil. April is good friend of the turtles and Casey’s girlfriend and was one of the best news reporters in the city. (I won't spoil for the kids and those who haven't seen yet) It took me some time to actually hear her voice as without a face it seems a voice can really change (Especially if your in character I suppose) I like the film but to be honest I only watched due to me being a fan of Sarah, a massive fan. It did however bring back the fond memories of me as a child with some new depth I, we weren't able to see in the 2D animations. Great job on the team who animated and voiced it.

Veronika Decides to Die 2009:
The Plot:
The story centres on Veronika, a woman in her mid twenties who appears to have everything: good looks (DUH!), good job and a great life ahead of her. Yet she decides to end her own life. She is unsuccessful and awakens in a mental hospital where she learns that she a short time to live. However in the hospital she meets people who are only 'insane' because they don't always follow society's rules (I think I've been there like twice now). With little left to lose, Veronika embarks on a journey on which she frees herself to experience relationships and emotions and ultimately discovers what it means to live.
Now only watched this film once and half way through and I still haven't figured out what I like about it. All I know is that at the beginning of the film it seem Sarah returns to her Buffy role for some inspiration on how to act absent minded, which she pulls off so freaking well. I guess I will have to watch the in's and out's of this film a few more times. As I like to watch every head, eyes, finger movement of an actor and every change of scene and the sense of being their you sometimes get when watching films. Half way there.


Well Homosapiens this is the last film of the SMG (Sarah Michelle Gellar) Chronicles, unless you want more. Hmmm, may have to do more chronicles in the future.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

They just happen to be Gay.

Hello homosapiens, it's been a while yes I know. But I will be talking about two great movies that I can't stop thinking about because the writing and acting in both in my Marbie Opinion is fucking fantastic. The main Characters have believable personality traits, they evoke true emotion and each film almost brought tears to my eyes. The Just happen to be gay. The main characters of each film just happen to be homosexual, homosapiens which kinda adds even more depth to what happens in the film. Both films are extreme takes of lovely and brutal effects into keeping love (although one I would say is far too much) Both films the main characters end up in prison. They are:

I love you Phillip Morris: 
Steven Russell (Played by the ever so funny Jim Carrey) is supposedly happily married to Debbie and a member of the police force of his town when a car accident provokes a dramatic reassessment of his life (Now he's also adopted too, some may say this may have contributed to his madness life in the films others may not). Steven breaks loose and sets his soul finally free and becomes open about his homosexuality and decides to live life to the richest (Damn I need me a suga daddy) - even if it means twisting, dissecting and breaking the law. Steven's new, flamboyant lifestyle involves cons and fraud and, landing him in the State Penitentiary where he meets coy and sensitive, soft-spoken Phillip (Ewan McGregor) (Two totally different personalities I guess opposites really do attract). His devotion to freeing Phillip from jail and building the perfect life together prompts Steven to attempt and often succeed at one impossible con after another how ever he always end right back to the start of the game. Jail. Based on a true life story 1980-1990's) this only makes it even more funny to watch as he goes about his cons in such ludicrous ways. It's too funny, but shows us how love can effect someone who probably isn't mentally stable through all he has gone through up till now. Do watch or even Buy the film, a must have in any comedy dvd collection.


An inky dripping story based on the true story of Aileen Wuornos (Charlize Theron), one of America's first female serial killers. Aileens had a difficult and cruel childhood which i am supprised nothing got picked up upon (Too many children pass through our fingers in the system we need to help more). She became a prostitute by the age of thirteen, the same year she fell pregnant. She then moved on to  Florida where she began earning a living as a highway prostitute (Fucking scary) dealing with the desires of truck drivers. The films focuses on the nine months between 1989 and 1990, during which Aileen had a lesbian relationship with a woman named Selby (Christina Ricci) and during that very same time, she also began murdering her clientele in order to get money without having sex. This turned the tables on a rather common phenomena of female highway prostitutes being the victims of serial killers, because now she was indeed the serial killer. At times I must admit I felt sorry for her, as her soul had obviously been twisted and distorted to become the title a "Monster" with herself. I, as many probably did watched a documentry of the True life Aileen, only to find out she was waiting on Death row, this purged me to watch the film and find out how it was portrayed. A disturbing film to watch and yet writing about it make me want to watch it again and try to understand more. If you haven't seen this film Go out and add it to you collection dudes and dudettes. 


Two other films before the closing of this segment I hope you all will enjoy are:

 Beautiful thing: Starring Shirley from Eastender (Linda Henry) and Music from Mama Cass Elliot from the Mamas and Papas.

Boys don't cry: 


Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Hall pass and Just go with it Review

Hi guys, Mz storm is back again with two new movies for you.

Just Go with It (12A)
Ratings: 

My Verdict: It is in cinema now, came out 11th February 2011 and I had to give it 5 star as I do love Adam Sandler and his movies, I think he is absolutely funny and incorporates this every time even Jennifer Aniston and Nicole Kidman characters I found to be quite humorous also.
The ending was predictable but its what you get from a romcom, a happy ending.
So if you havent seen it already, what you waiting for? GO!

Hall Pass - In cinemas 11th March 2011
Rating: 

My Verdict: Another 5 rated movie from me as it had a little twist in there towards the end which I found quite funny. Another comedy movie that will have you laughing at the stupidity of the characters played by Owen Wilson and Jason Sudeikis ( also known for What happens in Vegas and Going the Distance)
This movie will have you saying OMG!